The Fall of Man

by Talbiedoodle

I'm standing and it feels right. I’m taller than others but they don’t seem to mind, They look up at me for guidance, Like I’m a gift to mankind. I like the way I feel, And as long as I have friends This will always be real I’m bent but I can go on. Things are harder but I can’t complain. I’m still look to, but it’s not the same. I wonder if they can hear me, How I always want to shout. If they do they ignore it, No one tries to straighten me out. I’m on my knees and I don’t know how. I feel so lonely and pitiful now. People look away a lot, They don’t understand, They don’t see me grasping, Waiting for an outstretched hand. I’m on my hands and it’s getting hard to move, My wrists shake and my head aches. Everyone steps on me now, They look up but never down. I’m invisible and worthless With no one to care and no one to see. The fall of man is man its self, And that will never change. Man helps his own kind, No matter how odd or strange. It’s our duty and sometimes we faultier. We don’t see each other falling, Hear each other’s calling. No one sees me. Don’t see me falling. They don’t see. I’m down, and I won’t get up.